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Rockstar Recruits Make It Happen

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I’ve been quite involved in recruiting the last couple of months. Comes with being a fast growing agency; just for our interns and account managers, we went through several hundreds of resume’s and I don’t even dare to tell you how many interviews we actually did—and still are doing. It’s great fun to meet inspiring new people, but sometimes you wonder if the person sitting opposite of you is a solid recruit or actually a goddam rockstar!

I know the rockstar analogy is corny, but it’s nevertheless the truth that one mega talent is as valuable as three or more average consultants. Applying for a job is not only about being creative, but being brilliant helps. What brilliant is? I think this is a good example of an easy and simple detail which would help anyone to get the interview at a digital agency:

Twitter Job Hustle from Wonder Years on Vimeo.

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