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10 Storytelling Elements That Work

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Screen Shot 2013 02 22 at 9.38.02 PM 208x300There’s a reason for why certain storytelling elements just keeps coming back, again and again.

Well, it’s because they work.

I’ve done some research and collected the different storytelling elements in one place.

It would be quite fun and interesting to do a content marketing-series which followed these steps as an experiment, right?

The Storytelling Elements

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storytelling elements1

The storytelling elements:

1. The Contract

In the very beginning, you have to make a promise. Will this be violent? Scary? Fun? Tense? Dramatic?

2. The Pull

Keep it light in the beginning. You don’t want to scare people away by being too dense — you must trust The Contract.

3. The Incident

This is the event that sets everything in motion. Should occur early and keep the story together.

4. The Reveal

Just before the Point Of No Return, the main character learns what the story is really about.

5. Point Of No Return

The forces of good are faced with an impossible decision that concerns fear, safety, love, hate, revenge or despair.

6. Mini-Climax

Sorry, but you must allow the the forces of evil to have an epic win.

7. All-Is-Lost Moment

The moment where all is lost. You must portray the deepest despair for the forces of good.

8. News Of Hope

This is the possibility for one of the side characters to shine. A light that shines into the total darkness of the moment.

9. Climax

The shit hits the fan and the good puts everything at stake and overcomes — despite impossible odds.

10. The End

Public displays of relief and happiness, love and forgiveness. It’s great! We also learn that the hero has evolved.

  • http://www.mandloys.com/ MarkGavalda

    10 Storytelling Elements That Works
    *Work, -s

    • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Jerry Silfwer

      @MarkGavalda Crap. Thanks for the heads-up. I blame being Swedish… :)

      • http://www.mandloys.com/ MarkGavalda

        Haha no worries I can relate! Didn’t want to be a grammar nazi either I hope it didn’t come out the wrong way :) I love reading your blog, keep it up!

        • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Jerry Silfwer

          @MarkGavalda Thanks Mark, no worries, I treasure feedback on language!

  • http://anasoux.wordpress.com Anna Olsson

    Hej! Jag länkade till det här inlägget från min sammanfattning av session jag hade igår. Tack för att du var med och delade med dig av dina erfarenheter!
    Anna Olsson recently posted 8 Tips att gå från Gilla till Göra – Spin it!

    • http://doktorspinn.com Doktor Spinn

      Tack Anna! Kul och bra diskussioner, tyckte jag. Och väsentliga ämnen då många av verksamheterna inte har samma resurser som t.ex. näringslivet. Tack fö rbra session och hoppas vi minglar in i varandra snart igen!
      Doktor Spinn recently posted How Barack Obama Rocks His Facebook Page

  • MsJunsu

    Hi! Can you give us examples from a well known story or a few stories? Think it might be helpful, thanks!

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