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king sumo


If you’re a PR pro and a Wordpress-lover — then you should check out this powerful plugin.

(If you’re not into WordPress, maybe you should consider it? According to web legend and WP-founder Matt Mullenweg, the open source CMS powers 20% of all websites on the web.)

Now, I don’t usually write about plugins, but this one has helped me learn more about what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been writing all my life, but hearts and minds tend to be moving targets.

Here’s the tool:

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facebook zero


We’ve all seen the decline of organic reach for Facebook pages. I have it on good authority from inside sources on Facebook that it will continue to drop for commercial pages. They predict that organic reach will hit 0% (“Facebook Zero”) for non-boosted corporate updates in a not too distant future.

Also, Facebook advises against paid campaigns aiming for more fans for your page. Having many fans connected to your page simply won’t help you as much as it once did. Today that relationship between the user and the company is rather a data point used for paid targeting, not for organic reach.

Then why are so many companies treating Facebook like a publishing channel instead of what it really has become — an advertising platform for editorial content?

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There’s this idea that companies should be ‘social’.

And for many, being social equals engaging in conversations on various public platforms online.

While this makes sense for many companies, the importance of conversation marketing on the whole has been vastly overrated.

Here’s why:

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royal content


This week my friends over at Mynewsdesk will be launching an experiment. They will be following a senior citizen on her first week online over at the campaign site Mynewsdesknow (the site is in Swedish).

I think the campaign will show that people can adopt to a life online quickly and actually start to produce real-time content themselves. As we’re waiting for the next 1,000,000,000 people to come online in the coming years, archives of valuable content will be a corporate asset to reckon with.

The rising need for valuable content was also why I was invited by Mynewsdesk to speak about inbound marketing at their annual Mynewsday events in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. And also why I was invited to share my thoughts on a world where everyone creates content.

Because here it is:

Content may be king. But how do you produce ‘royal content’ worthy of precious attention of others — especially if you’re a small- or medium-sized business?

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I often help companies and organizations to deal with internet trolls. Either directly or by setting up new internal processes for dealing with them.

It’s sometimes challenging to accept that it takes time to repair an online culture gone wrong.

In some not-so-rare-cases, the “trolls” aren’t actually trolls, but rather normal and valuable customers who are right to be angry. Such cases calls for issues management, crisis management and crisis communication — depending on the specific situation.

Still, sometimes you have to deal with internet trolls going wild. It’s sad, but it’s a job that needs to be done. In Sweden, we even have a television show where we hunt some of these trolls down.

But don’t despair. There’s a lot of great tactics to resort to — and I’ve listed them here in no particular order:

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iceberg pages


When most people think about their websites, they think about what’s on their front page and the pages you can reach from the navigation menu.

And those pages are important. You do want a clean and easy-to-navigate menu — and your most popular pages easily accessible.

But imagine if there was a whole new universe of content underneath it all …

What would that be like?

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It’s quite difficult to become an accomplished storyteller. I would know, having spent most my life dreaming of becoming a novelist. There’s just all of these factors coming into play when you’re trying to tell stories that captivates and entertains an audience.

And being able to do this in a corporate context? Well, you can of course take the scenic route and actually learn how to write long- and short stories. But for corporate flacks like you and me, shouldn’t there be an easier way than becoming an accomplished fiction writer?

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

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