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Screen Shot 2014 04 11 at 16.35.41 300x195An impressive group of leaders and thinkers gathered in Stockholm for the annual Global Child Forum, hosted in the Royal Castle by H.M. King Carl XI Gustaf and H.M. Queen Silvia.

Leaders of NGOs, NPOs, international brand CEOs and other influencers in the field had been flown in to meet and discuss a better tomorrow for all of the world’s children.

They had gathered to discuss an important issue, but not an issue I would normally cover here on my blog on digital marketing.

However, the discussion on future generations, human rights and the specific implications of a digitalized world is one of the most important of our time. And one close to my heart.

Here’s why:

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An Experiment That Shows How Content Marketing Works

Screen Shot 2014 03 19 at 16.21.28 300x176

This blog post also got picked up by Social Media Today.

With a little twist, I wanted to demonstrate how content marketing works — in particular for smaller companies. And how it could work for your business.

This little experiment of mine has yielded some specific results and I thought it would be fun and interesting to share them with you.

Curious? Let’s get down to it:

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Facebook like thumb 300x256Hey guys. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet:

A lot of companies are struggling with a broken Facebook page at the moment with their reach shot to hell.

According to the numbers I’ve seen, overall Facebook reach hasn’t really gone down. But fewer posts gets seen by more people and vice versa, creating a long-tail situation for your updates.

It sucks.

So, what can you do to get your Facebook strategy back up on it’s feet?

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Zlatan Goes Volvo To Create Viral Super Ad

volvo logo 300x285If you’re a Swede like I am, then you probably have an opinion on the new ad by Volvo, featuring famous Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The ad features Zlatan in a classic Swedish landscape with a voice-over by Zlatan quoting the national anthem.

Whether you like the ad or not, Volvo sure got through with the message #madebysweden to the target audience through the massive engagement online.

But from an online marketing perspective, what can we learn from this ad?

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25 Reasons I Love Marie Forleo’s Blog

Screen Shot 2014 01 22 at 11.11.56 236x300I tend to get hooked on certain bloggers. Being a blogger myself, I love to learn from the best, to see what they do to succeed — and exactly how they do it.

Lately, I’ve been hooked on American life- and business coach Marie Forleo.

I’m not exactly part of her target audience, which is mainly women. But as far as digital marketing goes, which is my main interest, she’s awesome at positioning herself online within her niche.

I think especially her blog platform works really well. In this post, I will run through what I love about her site and why.

And be warned. This is for all you conversion geeks out there. I suggest you open up Marie’s blog in a separate window or tab to tag along.

Here we go:

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