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Why You Should Use Call-To-Actions In Digital PR

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By know, most are getting used to the idea of including CTAs (call-to-actions) in their online messages.

A call-to-action is basically where you tell people what to do next.

Let’s just contemplate this for a while … what to do next?

Having struggled with creating great content, publish it in a timely manner while being social with your community.

If you forget about the next part, you’re of course excused. It’s pretty easy to forget about it.

However, I would argue that this next is the most important aspect of them all.

Here’s why:

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How To Create A Social Media Strategy Step By Step

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social media strategies workbook

One of the most common questions I get is, how do you create a social media strategy?

Well, now that’s not really true …

The actual question is, do you have a social media strategy document template that you could send over?

Unfortunately, I don’t.

And that’s because it simply doesn’t work that way. Developing a strategy is at best a linear step-by-step process.

And if it doesn’t align with how you plan and execute, which needs to be taken into consideration in the process, it won’t be much worth to anyone.

But I wanted to take a stab at it anyway.

Here’s how:

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11 Ways To Get In Front Of Other People’s Audiences (OPA)

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Sometimes you fail.

Like I did in my last post, Other People’s Audiences (OPA): The Secret Behind Growing Your Community Really Fast.

What happened: I read a great post over at Copyblogger and I got excited and decided to share my thinking around it. However, as some readers pointed out both in the comments and on Twitter, the post didn’t provide any clear instructions on how EXACTLY to get in front of OPA.

My bad.

But rather than making excuses, I want to follow up on the feedback with SOLID tips and tricks in this post.

Here goes:

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Other People’s Audiences (OPA): The Secret Behind Growing Your Community Really Fast

Filed under: Outreach | PR | Strategy
Stage - OPA

One of my favourite blogs, Copyblogger, ran this awesome post the other day, The Smart Way To  Use Other People’s Audiences To Build Your Own (check it out for some solid tips).

While this might not be a revelation to you guys, I really love the simplicity of the underlying logic, other people’s audiences.

Or OPA for short.

OPA is an acronym that I will start to use frequently in my work, and I think you should, too.

Here’s why:

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It’s 2014 So Do I Even Need A Blog? The Answer Is — YES!

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Blog - Typography

A version of this article was originally published on LinkedIn. It’s slightly rewritten thanks to some of the great feedback in the native comment section.

Many have taken Medium for a test drive and many are finding its interface for publishing your thoughts and ideas very compelling. All of a sudden, you get to feel like a posh magazine writer. The effects are so impactful, that I’ve heard that some writers suffers performance anxiety simply because the interface is so beautiful and they feel their writing must be on par.

As LinkedIn now makes it possible for any member to post “blog posts” within the network, we’ll probably be seeing an exciting new trend with native blogging. And I’ve got business connections who swears their true love for blogging directly within Google+ (yes, really!), since they’re allowed to write long updates with some options for formatting their posts.

Where does this leave us bloggers?

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Why Winning Strategies Are Realistic

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Soccer - Playing Field - Marketing Strategy

In my last post, How To Develop A Strategy Bullshit Detector (SBD), I wrote about the importance of designing marketing strategies to win.

I’m very happy to have gotten a lot of positive feedback on my post already. But there’s lots more to be said on about creating winning strategies.

Having a strategy designed to win is of course a good starting point, but few marketing strategies survive their first encounter with reality.

Focusing on how to win will clarify your strategy, but in-between creating a strategy and winning, there’s a lot going on.

So I wanted to give you my thoughts on how to actually start winning.

Sounds good?

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How To Develop A Strategy Bullshit Detector (SBD)

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Chess - Strategy

What’s a strategy, really?

I’m at the PR conference Communicare 2014 and the word strategy comes up here and there.

And not just here. It comes up in business all the time. Strategy, strategy, strategy. And strategy.

I’m sure it does in your business, too.

Last week I joined the Adobe EMEA Think Tank for our first session and during the panel, the question of why a digital strategy is important came up, so I explained my position on the subject.

Afterwards I got some great feedback based on the fact that I took the time to explain what a strategy actually is — in plain terms. Not many strategists do this, apparently.

And since strategy is such an over-used and inflated term, I think it’s fair to put it as a simple question:

What’s a strategy?

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