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Will The Real Media Player Please Stand Up

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I believe in social media with integrity, particularly utility-based work. After all, why not give a campaign real substance rather than treating just as a tool to hack into some poor sod’s newsfeed.

I appreciate integrity in every area of the game.

I feel the need for any campaign to induce and facilitate sharability. For this reason alone, as well as solving the online video distribution model, I am thankful to YouTube.

What I am not thankful for is the interface looking like shit and potentially harming the integrity of my client’s beautiful content. When integrity (design) and social media are combined we can really see the fireworks go off.

As brands increasing become content creators a greater harmony will be needed between the quality of the content (in my control) and the interface it is presented upon (not in my control… yet).

YouTube’s interface ugliness is most definitely one of the sole reasons for the very being of Vimeo (particularly Vimeo+)…

My dream media player can be synthesised into the following five points:

I need my content to be stolen from me, easily embedded, linked to and moved to every corner of the web. You own your web page, but I want to own that media player frame and all that’s inside it. Integrity intact.

Design Sensibility and Beauty
You are there media player but you shall not be seen unless wanted. When you do rear your head please look like Fabien Baron and his equivalent for user experience have been painstakingly working on your design (color palette, type, layout) for a good while.

Video Commerce
Any decent video interface is going to have a take money and facilitate the purchase directly. Brands are spending too much money on content for this not to become the industry standard. The company, Moving Image and Content in New York caught the train nicely here.

Seamless Content Portability
It has got to work on your phone and function as it would on the computer. It should flex to your needs (in order to take your money through the medium you want it to).

Real Channel Creation
If the media interface that’s delivering my video content is this good it’s going to have a community around it by now. So let brands have a totally customizable channel pages.

I’m a fan of Edgecast but video distribution on a brand level has a way to go until we get our clean interfaces with optimized sharability.

Happy President’s day.

Tom Daly

Tom Daly (@talexanderdaly) is Digital Strategist at Whispr Group, Inc. He is an Englishman in New York working with some of the leading brands in the fashion and lifestyle industry. He also thinks Bally gets this media player business right:

Tom Daly Bally Ex 1 300x187

Tom Daly Bally Ex 2 300x187

Tom Daly Bally Ex 3 300x187

Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer is the creator of Doktor Spinn, Mad Science Digital, PR of Sweden and Digital PR School (launching in 2015). Join his VIP email list The Loop here.
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer
Jerry Silfwer

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pontice15 pontice15

Demokratin blir bättre. En vald person kan inte smita undan under partiets flagga om man vill bli omvald.

Tror den här kommentaren kanske hamnade under fel inlägg?